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Make 'Em Confess! [Questions Meme]
  • Blush: What's something embarrassing you've done in front of a crush or someone you were trying to impress?
  • Boo!: What startles you?
  • Oops!: What's something embarrassing you've done in public?
  • Gone: Ever thought of running away? If you did, where would you go?
  • Lie to Me: What's a time you've lied?
  • Broken: What's been your lowest point?
  • Wings: What's a fantasy or wish of yours?
  • Kick the Bucket: Name two things on your "bucket list."
  • Talent: Do you have any strange talents or skills you've learned but never really had a use for?
  • Sing It!: What's a song or song genre that you like but don't often tell people you do?
  • Red Handed: What's one of your guilty pleasures?
  • Psych!: How gullible are you? Have you ever been pranked or playfully fooled?
  • Scared?: What's an irrational fear or phobia of yours?
  • Scarred: What's a part of or about you that you're insecure about?
  • Squirm: What's a topic that always makes you feel awkward when it gets brought up?
  • Mirror Mirror: How have other people admitted to seeing you? What impression do others say that they have about you or when they first met you?
  • Story Time: Tell a story about something you did or something that has happened to you within the last 24 hours.

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AU && We’ll Pretend It Never Happened



[Humans. She’d have to admit sometimes she forgot they were just humans, normal humans. Running alone, or with your own species, or with whoever you happened to pick up at the planet you landed on, was different from humans. Humans who couldn’t grasp the meaning of ‘binary vascular system’ and ‘respiratoy bypass’ without a biology lesson alongside it. Oh.

She really hadn’t expected this at all.]

Heh, well… [The voice in her throat felt different. Of course, this body was used to it, but her mind wasn’t. It was a lot more brassy, and the first thing she did — of course, after being sobered by everyone’s reactions — was grasp her neck and make a face she hadn’t made in a while: pure anger, and resentment. How dare her previous self think this into existence? How dare she?]

Sorry, new voice, it just crossed my mind that I might not be able to sing properly anymore and blast it, my range will have to be different! [She looked away, realizing this was a stalling tactic, and a way she dealt with tense situations, and hummed once.] Okay! Alright. That’s going to be…extremely obnoxious in the future, but I’ll burn that bridge when I get to it.

[She closed her eyes, and took a deep breath, then released it, popping her knuckles and wincing at the new pain. A new body, new pain. She’d have to get used to it again.] Yes, alright. I-uh, died, if I were to put it in idiot terms, but I’m not going to do that, I mean, other than this moment, because I figure Sandre will have stopped listening approximately 24 words ago, and I won’t have to bother with pretending the rest of you are so stupid you won’t understand my biology.

I didn’t die, that was the whole point. I can understand the fire thought even if I’m fairly sure regeneration looks nothing like that, but I’ve actually never seen my own regeneration, so maybe it looks like fire! I don’t know. I—hm.

I’m an alien, you know that. My biology is different from yours. [Not that it started that way.] I have…two hearts, and have had them for over 100 years, and a respiratory bypass, which means I cannot be strangled, and I can survive without air for approximately 20-40 minutes, as well as a double vascular system, but that doesn’t make a difference.

Thing is, my species, though I’m hazy on the details of why, does this thing…this thing I just did, in which they don’t die. They…regenerate. Kinda, reform, into a new body, same person deal. And as you may or may not know, I have murdered one of my best friends recently, and it’s pretty understandable that those thoughts have been taking up my mind! And some of my species — Time Lords — can pick and choose what they want to look like. I usually pick my normal: 5’ 11”, slightly chubby, muscular. Red hair. [She couldn’t see her hair; it was shaven. Maybe it was still red?] And, because Salvi has been on my mind since…the incident, it’s not like he’s suddenly gonna leave it cause I’m dying. So, I must’ve accidentally picked something a lot like him, but the rest of it seems to have gone a little haywire.

[She found a mirror and looked in it.] Definitely. Blue eyes, still, and I think my hair is still red as well! And my nose…too Arabic for this skin color. [She pursed her new lips.]

But yes, for the questions: it’s me.

I just happened to have regenerated. Again. It’s a small thing our species does in order to circumvent death, and live…indefinitely. I’m 160, and this was my fifth fucking time. And it’s not the first time I’ve been stabbed, and not the first time I’ve lost so much blood I regenerated.

But I am definitely still me, still Em, still Amelia. [She cocked her hips to the side and grinned.] Definitely only the second time I’ve regenerated inside my own TARDIS, though!

[She took some steps forward and carefully pried Sandre off of Carolyn, pulling her from him.] I can assure you that I am not Lucifer, either. Just a cat compared to a human dog. Snake to a lizard. Blue Jay to a Cardinal. [She sat on the floor at the feeling of dizziness in her head.]

I mean, if I knew you were all going to react like this, I would have accepted my presumed fate at the hands of Grug’s clan, but nooooooo. I figured none of you would be in here, but nooooooo. Wonderful. Was I screaming or something? I wouldn’t be surprised if my death-y mind blocked it.

I mean, it’s good to know I look like a negro, I suppose.

"We heard Carolyn scream as she discovered you—naturally, we all came rushing for her side." [Ulysses’ voice was hardly a rasp above the others’ frantic, erratic tones, yet he made himself known as he revealed himself from his hiding post behind Kynborow’s and Charlotte’s skirts—both figurative and literal.] "We all came upon you as you…apparently burst into flames. They weren’t flames as I’ve seen, but perhaps fire decides to change appearance over time. Perhaps my fire was orange and yours was yellow, and Sandre’s was white or something of that sort." [He wrung his hands together, pondering the faces of the others.] "It was hardly something pleasant to watch, even more unpleasant to watch it while listening to us sobbing and screaming for the Lord’s mercy in your regard. It was as though an apocalypse from the Lord’s good book was released upon us, and staked you as the first victim. I don’t think we’ll forget this anytime soon, I suppose."

[Billy paced after his friend, tiredly scratching at the stubble budding at his chin.] “That all would’a been nice ta know before this shit happened. Made me have a goddamn heart attack, thinkin’ you was dying or somethin’ like that. God damn, don’t scare me like that again. Don’t think my heart can take it.” [There was a slight weakness in the creak of his voice, and his eyes were quick, still stained red from tears, but he pushed away the vulnerable tenderness with a clear of his throat.] “Make shit like this clear next time, ‘fore it happens, if I can request somethin’ a’ you. Sure as hell looked like an apocalypse if I ever did see one, and I seen some doomsday’s in my day. My heart’s gonna stop beatin’ with that awful fright I felt, lemme tell ya.”

[Carolyn’s hands were quick, desperate—they grabbed frantically at Em but recoiled, as though they were afraid of damaging her new skin, like it was something delicate, frail, crystal. She stared helplessly at the woman above her, her breath snagged in her throat, before her eyes flooded with new tears and she rubbed at them with her trembling fingers, her hot rage forgotten.] “God, good god—I was scared, I found ye like that, found ye on the floor just like that, and I just—” [Her voice cracked and she groped for Em’s hold.]

"—shrieked to Heaven, thou didst." [Kynborow released Charlotte from her tight hold and inched closer, angling her head curiously at Em; such a sight could not have been spared from her scrutiny. It was unlike any play she’d seen, far more complex than the use of wine as fake blood, gushing from imaginary wounds on actor’s chests. A new body, a new skin…even a new face. The fire of the desire of knowledge sparked within her and roared fiercely.] "Now my ears weep blood, young mistress."

[Charlotte followed at her ladylove’s heels, her own eyes puffy from the tears that had been squeezed from them. She clasped her hands above her breasts and allowed her fingers to violently knead each other to ease away the worry that still trickled down her cheeks.] “You…how often will this happen, if this is the fifth time? Is there a limit to this, if…I may ask?”

"Yeah. How often can we expect ta see this ‘gain?" [Billy produced a face of discomfort.] "I don’t wanna bawl my goddamn eyes out all for nothin’ again."

[Ulysses, meanwhile, was producing a pinched look of pain—another fire, it seemed, had been set in his belly. He massaged briefly at his stomach in an attempt to soothe away the churning heat within him.] “Even after he’s disposed of, Salvi still haunts us. That’s…unsettling. At least you don’t have his face, else you’d have us all in a mob, belaboring you til you regenerated a sixth time.”

[Sandre only gaped, his eyes doing a panicked dance in their socket as he watched the scene unfold before him. Nonplussed, he reached for Carolyn again, grabbing her hand and mindlessly wrapping his fingers around her own.]

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FACT: if you were born on or anywhere between january 1st to december 31st you are SUPER DUPER GAY like really extremely gay, there are no exceptions i’m a lawyer

wow………..wtf……………. ………….why didnt my lawyer tell me about this … . . …… thanks obama…………

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Send me "That’s dirty." and I will generate a number for what my muse will say to yours.

Sexual Sunday NSFW special, they’re all suggestive, but don’t have to be responded to in a NSFW manner.


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my new favorite image

Though the blogs states that they play with OCs,
they are not obligated to.
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[sprays water @ everyone] shoo

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how do i still have 134 followers on here

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